Security of your vital information


If you decide to scan important documents in to your records, or print out/photocopy these documents to accompany your My Lifetime Tracker records, we suggest that originals should be kept at your bank, with your accountant, financial advisor or lawyer.

If you choose to lock it away, make sure that at least one other person knows where the key is located. A fire-proof, theft-proof storage receptacle is recommended, if it is not to be kept in a safe deposit box. The same applies to the most essential step of making a back-up file and storing it separately.

Should you do this, make sure that one other person has access to your confidential password/codeword.

Or you could consider keeping your vital information by means of cloud computing if you prefer this method for keeping your vital data safe and easily accessible.

It is your responsibility to think about the information that you store on your computer/iPhones/iPads etc and what would happen if you lost that information or if your internet connection failed. Another thing that you need to think through is who you might (or might not) want to share the information with and how else you might want to use it.

This will always remain your responsibility no matter where or how you store your My Lifetime Tracker details.

Think carefully about what you need to store, where to find it and where to store it, so that you can access this information even if your own internet connection fails.

Hard drives can crash and the data-recovery procedure is expensive and time consuming and not always successful. Lightning, theft, power surges, all the things that can cause damage or loss

The main message at all times is - backup regularly. This can not be stressed enough!

The subscriber of My Lifetime Tracker has sole responsibility for ensuring that all information in this file is, and remains, complete and accurate.

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