What exactly is My Lifetime Tracker?

My Lifetime Tracker is a series of personal and business record keeping templates which will guide you to collect, copy and store your vital information.

How does it work?

It contains modules that you can download, fill in and save, to assist you in personal, financial, insurance, health and property organising and record keeping, as well as the vital task of estate planning.

Why should I use a website? Why can’t I just capture it myself?

We have done all the thinking for you! This will save you time and enable you to concentrate on what you do best – just like us! And it all comes neatly in five user-friendly modules. You can do it yourself – but do you know where to start?..and go on from there?

You save time and money!

My Lifetime Tracker will provide an essential summary of your financial situation, medical records, property, employment, lifestyle history and estate plan. No more searching for numbers, copies and details! Follow its logical sequence and comprehensive sections and you will save yourself time and money in the long run – that's a promise.

Do the things you have always put off doing...

You know you should do it - so why put it off any longer?
The various sections will help you keep track of your personal and family details, vital numbers, who to contact and where to find essential details. It will take you through steps not only to locate and place your affairs in a logical and efficient sequence, it will also guide you in carrying out tasks you may have put off doing – Living Will, organ donation, insurances, health checks, planning a move and many other important steps.

What if only some sections are relevant?

The record keeping and personal organising files can all be filled in, or you can just use sections according to your needs and time of your life. You can go back and fill in other sections as and when they become relevant in your life.

Will anyone else have access to the information?

Your own inserted details will remain confidential to you only, or anyone else you choose to share them with...only you can decide how and where to save your personal information. See Storage and Security Solutions.

P S   We Promise ... we will make a difference in your life.

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